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What is “Zayed House for Islamic Culture”?

Zayed House for Islamic Culture (ZHIC) was founded on 31/05/2005 as per the law issued by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE (May God save him). ZHIC is an independent government institution concerned with introducing Islamic culture to the interested persons, educating and qualifying new Muslims and providing them with social and familial welfare. Besides raising the awareness of the surrounding community about the said category and teaching Arabic to speakers of other languages.

Where does ZHIC locate?

  • Head Office – Al Ain City, Shiab Al Al Ashkhar, next to Sheikh Zayed Mosque.
  • Ajman Branch – Al Jarf Area, behind Sheikh Zayed Mosque.
  • Abu Dhabi Branch – Old Air Port Rd, Al Bateen Air Port Area, opposite to Air Port Rd Carrefour.

What are ZHIC official working hours?

Regular official working hours at ZHIC are from 07:30 am to 02:30 pm, Sunday through Thursday.

What type of services provided at ZHIC?

1-      Introducing Islamic Culture:

  1. Introduction to Islam Session Request.
  2. Registration for Islamic Culture Courses.
  3. Registration for Holy Qur’an Courses.
  4. Islamic Culture Publications Request.

2-      Teaching Arabic Language to Speakers of other Languages:

  1. Registration for Arabic to Speakers of other Languages Courses.

3-      Providing Social Welfare:

  1. Sending to Hajj/Umrah request.
  2. Social Counselling Request.
  3. Social Assistance Request.
  4. Registration in activities and events.
  5. Events and Courses Transport Request.

What are the stages that those interested in declaring faith in Islam should go through?

First: informative session;

Second: taking Shahada;

Third: a letter directed to the judicial court when wishing to declare faith in Islam (optional).

Fourth: registration for courses (optional) – for clarification, refer to question No. 5.  

How long does the Introducing to Islam session take?

It lasts for 15-20 minutes.

Does ZHIC issue certificate of declaration of faith (Islam)?

No; but it issues a letter directed to the Judicial Department or the Ministry of Justice which are the entities concerned with the issuing of attested and endorsed certificate of such type in the UAE. 

How can we obtain certificate of declaration of faith (Islam)?

From the Judicial Department, through the notary public concerned with declaration of faith (Islam). However, the following documents must be presented in order to obtain the certificate:

  • A copy of ZHIC letter about reverting to/embracing Islam
  • Original ID
  • Passport size photo.

Can I get (a replacement of lost letter) of embracing Islam?

Sure. One needs to visit ZHIC Head Office or respective branches, with a valid Emirates ID

What are the languages used in educational programs, qualifying courses and informative sessions?

ZHIC runs programs in the following (14) international languages:

  1. Arabic
  2. English
  3. Tagalog
  4. Mandarin
  5. Russian
  6. Ethiopian
  7. Amharic
  8. Oromo
  9. French
  10. Hindi
  11. Sinhalese
  12. Bengali
  13. Urdu
  14. Tamil