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Emirates of Tolerance New Item tolerance of all types is an original practice in the culture of UAE people. view more
Tolerance at Work Environment tolerance at work paves the way towards a bright future for the institution and further progress for the country as a whole view more
UAE & Constructive Work Work is one of the necessary requirements in life view more
Honesty is the Best Policy Socially speaking, honesty is the cornerstone of relations view more
Islamic Economics Economics means moderation and temperance view more
How to Manage Your Time? managing time is managing life view more
Anger Management who restrain their anger and pardon people view more
The Bliss of Dwellers of Paradise God the Almighty Has promised Garden to His patient believing servants who do good deeds. God says, ‘God promises the believing men and the believing women gardens with flowing streams, wherein they abide forever’ . Thus, God described the Garden and bl ... view more
Kindness is a Cilvlizational Marker But pardon them, and overlook. God loves the doers of good view more
UAE, the Land of Happiness The United Arab Emirates stands out in terms of interaction and harmony between its leadership – the catalyst of happiness - and the people. Especially as the priority of the UAE rulers is to achieve happiness, prosperity and stability to local citizens ... view more