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Islamic Culture Program




Islamic Culture Courses:

ZHIC renders new Muslims with courses in Islamic Culture containing basic lessons in jurisprudence, doctrine, prophetic traditions and transactions. These courses are provided in a number of languages in a range of three different levels.

The curriculum was prepared and developed in cooperation with specialized entities in the field of Islamic studies and new Muslims; bearing in mind the  psychological  side, 

challenges and various queries facing a new Muslim in society after adopting Islam. 


The Objective behind Islamic Culture Courses:

  • Introducing the essence of Islam;
  • Preparing the new Muslim with basics required to integrate in the Muslim society.
  • Introducing the new Muslim to the major principles enabling to be a practicing Muslim through studying the doctrine, rules of cleansing and worshipping.


Program Scope:

(First level)

The aim of this stage is to introduce the new Muslim to the major principles enabling them to practicing through learning of doctrine, rules of cleansing and worshipping. 

(Second Stage)

This stage aims to enhancing the knowledge of the new Muslims via studying short Suras from the Holy Quran and some Prophetic         sayings or Hadiths that greatly contribute to the formation of their personality as Muslims; in addition to the expansion in jurisprudence rules answering the queries growing with their being Muslims. Besides depicting the early stages of the life of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) in order to introduce the new Muslims to the character of the Prophet (pbuh), his manners and teachings; taking the Prophet (pbuh) as a role model in their life. 

(Third level) 

This stage aims at qualifying the new Muslim to integrate into society through study of some selected verses from the Quran, Hadiths,   behavior   and   dealings   to   be   as 

guidance for the new Muslim when dealing with the society. 


Duration of the program:

Islamic culture courses are implemented according to regular schedules monthly released, for the approved courses.



Registration is done through customers’ service officer.


Required documents:

Valid original UAE ID.