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Arabic for Speakers of Other Languages Program




Status and Significance of Arabic Language

The Arabic language has such a sublime status distinguishing it from other languages; as it is the language with which the Holy Quran is sent down. God the Almighty says: “We have sent it down as an Arabic Quran”. Yusuf: 2. 

This signifies its religious standing as being the congregating platform for the nation of Islam and the language of religious rituals for hundreds of millions of Muslims. Likewise, it is the means of communication between millions of Arabs; as well as one of the factors which have contributed to the renaissance of the contemporary nations. For it has been such a catalyst for a number of eras, conveying intellect, information and knowledge; in addition to its impact on the human and cultural heritage. 

However, due to the global status of the Arab World and the aspects of attraction attributed to the UAE which encourages civilized dialogue between various nationalities, individuals from these residing communities have become keen to integrate and absorb the Arab civilization through learning the language of this culture. Thus, ZHIC felt it within itself to provide academic programs for teaching Arabic; in realization to its leading role in introducing the essence of the Islamic culture of which Arabic language is an integral part. 

ZHIC has created an educational program containing adherence to the standards of language proficiency to cater for new Muslims associated to educational courses at ZHIC as well as non-Muslims interested to learn Arabic and the official delegations visiting the UAE. 


Objectives of the Program:

 Introducing the essence of the Islamic culture and infusing it in the personality of the new Muslims associated with the program of Arabic for speakers of other languages.

 Teaching Arabic to interested expats to use it in various contexts, in accordance with a well-planned educational program.

 Qualifying associated learners to integrate into the society of the UAE and acquaint with its heritage which may positively reflect on their job performance.

 Disseminating the culture of coexistence amongst various communities existing in the UAE via opening wider horizons for dialogue and exchange of knowledge through communication with the largest possible stratum of   speakers of Arabic language. 

 Enacting the use of Arabic language in our daily factual situation and life, besides maintaining its status as it is the characteristic of our civilization and the pillar of our nationalism and our Islamic and Arabic identity.


The Focal Points of the Program:

 Teaching the basic elements of Arabic language through identification of letters, rules and words;

 Enabling learners to comprehend the Arabic phonetic as to how to pronounce and differentiate between them and how to join them.

 Enabling the student to read and write through continuous training.

 Enabling the student to comprehend and read the different expressing patterns of Islamic heritage. 

 Taking into account the  general terminology, register and jargon used by employees at work and daily life environment. 


Program Duration:

The Program of Arabic for Speakers of other Languages is executed according to a mechanism and time schedule of 80 teaching credit hours – four hours per week- divided into two days.   


How to register?

Registration is done through customers’ service officer.


Required documents:  

Valid original UAE ID.