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Wednesday 06 Nov 2019 ZHIC Takes Part in Abu Dhabi Festival for Tolerance & Fraternity ZHIC prepares to participate with an assortment of activities and programs in Abu Dhabi Festival for Tolerance & Fraternity
Zayed House for Islamic Culture (ZHIC) is in the process to take part with a plethora of activities and programs in the Abu Dhabi Festival for Tolerance and Fraternity to be organized by the Ministry of Tolerance in Umm al Emarat Park, Abu Dhabi, under the slogan ‘On the Way of Zayed’.
ZHIC will present the ‘Covenant for Million Tolerant’ e-platform in a bid to urge the public to sign on it as part of its message that ‘an individual should be tolerant with oneself, surrounding people and community for the life embedded in tolerance’. Besides, organizing a show for ZHIC various publications came into fruition in 13 international languages.
During the festival, ZHIC will hold a lecture titled ‘Emirates of Tolerance’ at M. Khalaf Majlis and Dhafra District Municipality to shed light on the originality and values of tolerance in the UAE, along with the late Sheikh Zayed legacy.
Moreover, another lecture under the title ‘UAE Beacons of Tolerance’ will take place at Madinat Zayed Majlis of Dhafra District with the aim to enrich , promote and establish the original Islamic values in the UAE community in realization of community responsibility. Besides, disseminating the principles and values of tolerance and peaceful coexistence as a solid foundation in the march of charity and development in all fields in the UAE culminated in the upcoming Dubai World Tolerance Summit in which ZHIC will take part. Added to the annual second student gathering titled ‘Our Culture is Tolerance’ in which ZHIC student present their graduation projects to express the ideals of tolerance and coexistence they experienced in the unique UAE community cohesion environment.

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