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Wednesday 05 Sep 2018 ZHIC Qualifies 243 New Reverts in Vocational Training Programs ZHIC ran 12 vocational courses in the first half of 2018
By the first half of the current year, ZHIC has run 12 vocational courses in various fields benefitted from by 243 new reverts. The aim of the courses was to develop the new Muslims skills and contribute to their job promotion. The program for this year included a number of courses such as first aid, fire extinguishing, handicrafts, computer basics, Arabic calligraphy, photography, courses on tiling and Islamic sculpture, etc. The number of learners enrolled in the courses reached 264 new reverts of various nationalities. Of whom 108 in Al Ain, and 72 in Abu Dhabi and Ajman. The courses ran as 6 in Al Ain and 3 in both Abu Dhabi and Ajman. The said programs came as part of ZHIC sublime objectives as to qualify the new reverts and improve their various skills to join job. 

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