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Tuesday 29 Jan 2019 ZHIC Qualified 339 New Reverts in Vocational Training Programs Through 2018 18 vocational training courses for the new Muslims in 2018
Embodying Zayed House for Islamic Culture (ZHIC) sublime goals to qualify new Muslims, develop their skills and prepare them for various work fields, ZHIC was able to run 18 miscellaneous vocational courses in 2018 from which 339 new enrolled reverts benefited. The aim behind the courses was to develop the learners’ skills and qualify them for future occupations. The training program which coincided with the ‘Year of Zayed’, included a number of vocational courses such as executive secretariat, office management, first aid, firefighting, handicrafts, computer basics, Arabic calligraphy, financial accounting for beginners, Islamic art, …etc. The number of the learners joined the courses reached 342 from various nationalities, of who 108 were in Al Ain, 91 in Abu Dhabi, and 140 in Ajman. 

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