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Friday 30 Mar 2018 ZHIC Improves Reading Amongst its Staff and New Reverts Closing ZHIC initiatives and activities of the 'Month of Reading'
Zayed House for Islamic Culture (ZHIC) brought to a close its activities of the ‘Month of Reading’. During which ZHIC organized a number of cultural activities in an endeavor to establish education and knowledge for both its staff and new reverts.

Part of the events was a ‘Session with an Author’ presented by the Emirati researcher Ms. Ghayah al Dhahiri who explored the childhood of the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan.
Similarly, ZHIC Ajman branch held an activity on ‘Used Books’ to encourage the staff to donate such books to ZHIC library. In addition to building staff e-library out of an initiative entitled ‘A book in A few Minutes’.

Moreover, one of the female staff presented a dialogue session under the title, ‘How to be A smart Reader’? Followed by launching the ‘library of Zayed’.

Furthermore, in a caring gesture for the new reverts’ kids, ZHIC Abu Dhabi branch ran an initiative dubbed ‘Reading A story in English for the new reverts kids.

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