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Sunday 25 Aug 2019 ZHIC conducted 176 Arabic language courses for non Arabs. The program attracts 1279 students Number of Arabic courses for non Arabs during the first half of the year and the number of registered students
The UAE government allots a great importance to Arabic language to achieve the ambitious vision of its leadership in elevating the educational level of individuals in the society and to promote the language of the Quran in the community. The Arabic language teaching program is counted amongst the strategic programs of ZHIC, hence the number of registered students for this program at the main center in Alain and in Abu Dhabi and Ajman branches reached 1279 students, within the first half of the current year. In this context ZHIC had conducted 176 courses, of which 60 were conducted in Al Ain center, whereas 74 courses were conducted in Abu Dhabi branch and 42 in Ajman branch. The total registered students in Al Ain center were 329, while 757 students were registered in Abu Dhabi branch and 202 in Ajman branch.     

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