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Tuesday 31 Jul 2018 ZHIC Brought its 'Zayed Summer Camp' to A close ZHIC concluded 'Zayed Summer Camp' organized for its staff kids
Zayed House for Islamic Culture (ZHIC) brought to a conclusion ‘Zayed Summer Camp’ it organized for its staff and new Muslims’ kids in cooperation with Al Ain National Museum. The event, which attracted 25 participants of female and male kids, targeted children aging between 6-10 years. The aim was to teach the group involved the basic principles of Islam, qualify them and integrate them into the surrounding society by taking parts in meaningful events and activities. The gesture was an endeavor to support the new reverts as to help them bring up their children in compliance with the teachings of Islam and strengthen rapport between the said categories. In fact, the program was a chance to learn the basics of Mandarin, skills for items recycling, and planting under the slogan ‘Zayed Planting’ and Qur’an competition. The summer camp included a number of various activities, notably Dates Day, Sports Day, ZHIC Cinema Activity, and a field visit to Al Ain Museum.         

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