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Monday 04 Jun 2018 'Zayed Humanitarian Work Day' Brings Happiness to 376 New Reverts at ZHIC ZHIC organized a number of events and activities on 'Zayed Humanitarian Work Day'
Zayed House for Islamic Culture (ZHIC) held a number of events and activities on ‘Zayed Humanitarian Work Day’ launched by the UAE in conjunction with the 14th anniversary of the late Sheikh Zayed – may God rest his soul in peace. The events of this year are full of giving, hospitality and help for others. For instance, ZHIC staff at Al Ain head office organized an event dubbed ‘Give Gifts, Give Love’ aimed at providing gifts to new reverts as part of a relieving gesture to restrained families. The number of beneficiaries hit 230 new reverts in Al Ain City. Likewise, ZHIC Ajman branch launched another initiative entitled ‘Goodness Smile’ to spread familiarity and give various gifts to 82 students. Added to ‘Bazar of Goodness’ event which benefited 64 beneficiaries as organized in Abu Dhabi in cooperation with Abu Dhabi Social Support Centers

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