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Monday 18 Feb 2019 Zayed House for Islamic Culture Launches 18 Initiatives in the 'Month of Innovation' ZHIC organized a number of events and activities in the Month of Innovation
In conjunction with the UAE Month of Innovation, Zayed House for Islamic Culture (ZHIC) organized 18 initiatives in forms of activities and events at its head office in Al Ain and respective branches in Abu Dhabi and Ajman. The initiatives targeted ZHIC staff and new reverts in an attempt to tally with the vision and endeavors of the wise leadership to make ‘Innovation’ as style and way of work in the UAE. The program included various events; notably launching of innovation methodology. Which was considered as a roadmap for the institution and its employees in their endeavor towards advancement in work through creation of innovative ideas and improvement of new products and services propelling quality. Part of the events as well, was a workshop entitled ‘Innovation Era’ targeted the new reverts to show them the best innovative practices and projects. To highlight the Year of Tolerance in the Month of Innovation, ZHIC also launched ‘Innovation Lab’ that analyzed eminent experiences pertinent to the values of tolerance in the segment of society. The events came to conclusion as ZHIC staff took part in the ‘Robots Workshop’. 

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