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Monday 25 Feb 2019 Zayed House for Islamic Culture Announces its Projects in the Year Tolerance 2019 ZHIC organized a media briefing on its projects for the current year
Zayed House for Islamic Culture (ZHIC) announced its strategic projects in the Year of Tolerance 2019. The projects aimed to realize the vision and aspiration of the wise leadership to develop the culture of individuals in the UAE community. In this regard, Dr. Nedal al Tinaiji, ZHIC General Director related that the projects launched during the Year of Tolerance were initiatives and programs tallying with the vision for this year to establish values of tolerance and mutual coexistence. As she related, among the 4 key projects, to promote tolerance ‘is the project Emirates of Tolerance’ launched last year including 12 events and 24 lectures in various languages. Moreover, she added, ZHIC would launch a smart platform dubbed ‘One Million Tolerant Charter’ as an invitation to the public to adopt the value of tolerance. The event will coincide with a certain other one during April: tolerance forum entitled ‘Discussion Seminar’, which will involve a number of intellectuals and stakeholders of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds. Besides, the current year 2019 will witness more ZHIC cultural publications in 19 languages to focus in the values of tolerance.  

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