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Tuesday 05 Jun 2018 Zayed A Symbol of Giving Values and Help for Others' Says Dr. al Sneidi' The name of Zayed assoicated with generosity, kindness and charity
The Acting General Director of Zayed House for Islamic Culture (ZHIC) Dr. Khalfan al Sneidi emphasized that ‘Zayed Humanitarian Work Day’ came to confirm the feelings of love and loyalty kept in the hearts of the UAE people to its founding father, the late Sheikh Zayed. Because of the values he implanted to manifest the UAE as the living symbol of giving without limit . Furthermore, he added that ‘Zayed Humanitarian Work Day’ promotes the spread of the best of collective and voluntary work culture, particularly these days. Added to establishing the meanings of giving, love and tolerance in the hearts of all compatriots. As the name of Zayed ever associates with generosity, kindness and charity. Together with good deeds urged for all, at local, regional and interactional levels . Thus, commemorating this day constitutes a chance to work as per our wise leadership calling for tolerance and coexistence with others . 

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