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Thursday 09 May 2019 Various Ramadan Activities at ZHIC Under the Slogan 'On the Footsteps of Zayed' ZHIC receives Ramadan with miscellaneous activities and events
This Ramadan, Zayed House for Islamic Culture’s (ZHIC) schedule is full of events, activities and cultural lectures with various languages. In this regard, Dr. Nedal al Tinaiji emphasized that ZHIC would annually receive Ramadan with educational programs , informative activities and communal events to reflect the unique image of the UAE in terms of peaceful coexistence and religious tolerance among Muslims and non-Muslims. In order to realize its strategic objectives, values and mission to be a leading organization to introduce the essence of Islamic culture and assimilation of new Muslims. Accordingly, ZHIC will organize 15 cultural lectures on selected topics to meet the need of the new reverts. Six additional lectures will be delivered at the courts of the Ministry of Interior and Abu Dhabi Councils to enrich original Islamic values and instill them in the Emirati community to realize communal responsibility. ZHIC will also provide ‘Series of Ramadan Happiness’ for new reverts of limited income to alleviate financial burden for the said segment families. 

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