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Sunday 03 Feb 2019 "UAE is the Hub for Interreligious Tolerance" Dr. Nedal al Tinaiji The Pope visit to the UAE reflects the unique values of love, tolerance and coexistence characterizing this home of tolerance, love and peace for all the people of the world
The General Director of Zayed House for Islamic Culture (ZHIC) Dr. Nedal Mohammed al Tinaiji emphasized that the historical visit by Pope Francis, head of the Catholic Church and the Grand Imam of al Azhar reflects the competency of the United Arab Emirates to be as an arena for interfaith tolerance, coexistence, and love between various peoples of the world.  Moreover, she added, ‘tolerance in the UAE is by no means a recent thing; it is one of the strongest foundations on which the country was founded’. Tolerance has become a constant approach perpetuated and established by the wise leadership through a number of initiatives portraying utter keenness to spread the values of tolerance amongst all segments of society in the UAE. Dr. al Tinaiji concluded by expressing delight with the statement of Pope Francis as saying, ‘The UAE is the land of prosperity, peace, coexistence and conglomeration, where many find a safe haven to work and live with freedom and respect. No doubt, such words highlight a new page in the history of relations between religions and emphasis on human fraternity. Truly reflected in the UAE, which promotes love, tolerance and coexistence promulgated to the world over. 

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