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Wednesday 06 Mar 2019 'Tolerance Sports Championship' at Zayed House for Islamic Culture's Playgrounds ZHIC organized Tolerance Sports Championship in cooperation with a number of institutions
In conjunction with the National Sports Day held under the title ‘Together UAE’, Zayed House for Islamic Culture (ZHIC) organized ‘Tolerance Sports Championship’ for football and basketball. The event took place at ZHIC playgrounds located at Al Ain head office. The championship came in cooperation with Abu Dhabi Sports Council and National Olympic Committee. The sports program attracted some community teams residing in Al Ain, such as the as Egyptian, Sudanese, Pakistani, Jordanian, and Mauritanian clubs. Added to three other teams of the new Muslims enrolled in ZHIC courses. On the margin of the championship, the audience signed on ‘Tolerance Imprint’ tablet. The aim behind the gesture was to enhance the value of tolerance among all nationalities living in the UAE. 

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