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Friday 22 Dec 2017 "The Beautiful Names of Allah" Series of Lectures Zayed House for Islamic Culture ran a series of lectures entitled 'The Beautiful Names of Allah'
Zayed House for Islamic Culture (ZHIC) cultural and educational affairs department organized public lectures in Tagalog entitled ‘The Beautiful Names of Allah’. The lessons were part of series of lectures delivered by Mr. Carlo Camatcho, the Pilipino Islamic culture instructor at ZHIC. The aim of the lessons were the new reverts and stakeholders. The events took place at the Spirit of the Union theatre at ZHIC head office in Al Ain. The series comprised four lectures on part of the title aforementioned (Al Malik, Al Ghafour, Al Khaliq, and Al Wakeel). The lectures are part of ZHIC strategic project theming spreading of moderate thinking amongst stakeholders to enhance true understanding of the islamic culture.

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