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Thursday 24 Oct 2019 Seeking Cooperation with International Entities ZHIC's 150 publications - in 13 languages - in Frankfurt International Book Fair

Zayed House for Islamic Culture (ZHIC) brought to a close its participation in the 71st iteration of Frankfurt International Book Fair, 2019. Where it displayed its publications shedding light on Islamic culture, teachings and values of Islam and a collection of books for children and youth theming promotion of tolerance and amicability. Besides, a number of publications on Arabic for speakers of other languages and the platform for ‘Covenant for Million Tolerant’ which attracted a good number of visitors. In addition to 21 new publications in various languages, including a syllabus in German language, which was received with good impression when handed to various German, speaking segments.

Finally, ZHIC delegation held meetings with international publishing houses and discussed possible common international publishing, especially ways for modern e publishing.

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