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Sunday 23 Jul 2017 Launching 'Summer Educational Program for New Reverts' Kids' ZHIC Abu Dhabi Branch Launches 'Summer Educational Program for New Reverts' Children'
The Abu Dhabi branch of Zayed House for Islamic Culture (ZHIC) launched an initiative entitled ‘Summer Educational Program for New Reverts’ Kids’. The event came as part of ZHIC orientation to provide welfare, qualification and integration regarding new Muslims’ children in an endeavor to meet all the needs of the category. The program included ten of the kids of new reverts associated with ZHIC. The purpose behind the program was to educate the children on the basic principles and values of Islam and to enhance the culture thereof, through ideals of tolerance, moderation, temperance and acceptance of others. As ZHIC did mean to provide support as to instill concepts of true tolerant Islam that would encourage rapport and communication. Moreover, the program included reviewing of and memorization of short Surahs, lessons from Prophetic biography and stories of some of the Prophets (Adam, Joseph and Jesus) – peace be upon them. Added to reading of a number of short stories ZHIC published for juvenile in particular. The stories were under the project entitled ‘Our Humanitarian Values’ which aimed to develop children perception, language and ideological furtherance towards others and society. With an overall aim to establish inspirational pedagogical, moral and humanitarian values in children. Besides, the program comprised some recreational programs for the segment in question. 

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