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Friday 19 Jul 2019 In Realization of Empowering Local Cadres, 100 Training Hours at ZHIC ZHIC takes great care of training Mohammed V students
Zayed House for Islamic Culture (ZHIC) hosted 9 graduate students of Mohammed V University, Abu Dhabi, specialized in ‘Fundamentals of Jurisprudence’ for field training for 6 weeks. The training was part of a previous memorandum of understanding signed between ZHIC and the university to exchange expertise and boost mutual social cooperation. ZHIC HR training and development unit prepared a training schedule of 100 hours for the students to reach the goal sought of the cooperation. The induction initiated as the trainees toured all ZHIC administrative and educational sections to familiarize with the nature of the work, services, initiatives, activities and events provided to society, new reverts, and persons interested in Islamic culture. 

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