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Tuesday 03 Oct 2017 Emirati Culture' A project launched by ZHIC to introduce new reverts to Emirati identity ZHIC cultural and educational unit started Emirati Culture program to introduce new reverts to the Emirati identity
The cultural and educational unit of Zayed House for Islamic Culture (ZHIC), launched a project to introduce new reverts to UAE national identity. ZHIC ran an event on Emirati dates to introduce the target group to the palm tree, which is one of the national symbols and heritage . Dr. Mariam al Kalbani, head of cultural and educational curricula and programs section of ZHIC, related to al Bayan newspaper that such events are organized as part of ZHIC care to celebrate diversity while enhancing national identity. In conjunction with the aim of the emirate of Abu Dhabi as to establish values-preserving community interested in culture and sports . The aim is to present an educational program elaborating the historical, geographical and cultural background of the local community. Particularly the founding fathers of the UAE, historical stages of establishment and regional prosperity . Moreover, Dr. al Kalbani added that the project would portray types of local traditions such as hospitality, folklore, popular cuisine and old handicrafts. The program would also show short videotapes on the seven emirates, while separately depicting the most significant features of each entity and old crafts such as hunting . Furthermore, the speaker related that the heritage corner would include some old tools adjacent to the contributions of the new reverts. With regard to heritage and related preservation, arrangement took place with the competent entities to participate in the events of the project . Target group Dr. al Kalbani noted that the Emirati cultural project would target students enrolled in ZHIC courses. In order to raise awareness with the national identity, related cultural values and traditions .  As for the mechanism of project execution, Ms. Fatima al Ruwaisi - courses coordinator at ZHIC head office – related that ‘a topic is selected before securing a venue to hold the event’. Followed by communicating with competent entities to support the project. Principally the acquisition section of Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority. Additionally, the exhibitions organized last month, presented Emirati traditions, cuisine and types of dates as al Ghazel and Telli. A henna show will take place in October, falcons and antique show in November, and education outputs in December .  Dates exhibition Part of the event organized by the cultural and educational programs unit was a visit by al Bayan newspaper to ZHIC head office in Al Ain. The aim of the event was to introduce new reverts to the Emirati identity and heritage. In this regard, Ms. al Ruwaisi highlighted that types of local dates were introduced to the new reverts who were briefed on the significance of date palm, its nutritious values and use in building ancient houses. Likewise, she pinpointed the care of the late Sheikh Zayed with palms farming that greatly developed in the form witnessed today . Ms. al Ruwaisi concluded with satisfaction regarding the positive response yielded from the new reverts. Who acknowledged the national significance of date palm, which is not only a mere source of nutrition, but also an emotional and cultural bond dearly held by the Emiratis .     

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