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Monday 25 Sep 2017 Emirates Dates Day Part of Emirates Culture 'Dates Day' acivity was meant to enrich new reverts' culture with the Emirati identity
The cultural and educational programs unit of Zayed House for Islamic Culture (ZHIC) ran an activity dubbed ‘Dates Day’ at ZHIC head office in Al Ain. The program was part of Emirati culture events recently launched to introduce new Muslims to the Emirati heritage and identity . The show included a number of Emirati dates types brought in cooperation with Zadna Factory. The new reverts were briefed by Ms. Dababa al Amiri on the various nutritious values of dates, the significance of palm tree, and its former use in building . Moreover, she highlighted the late Sheikh Zayed care to grow dates trees, along with the corresponding development in their farming . Finally, some folk foods made out of dates were distributed to new reverts and audience .  

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