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Wednesday 06 Jun 2018 Embodying the Values of Zayed, ZHIC Distributes 'Ramadan Packages' to 250 New Reverts In conjunction with the 'Year of Zayed', ZHIC started distributing 'Ramadan Packages' to new reverts beneficiaries
In conjunction with the ‘Year of Zayed’, Zayed House for Islamic Culture (ZHIC) concluded distributing of ‘Ramadan Packages’ to beneficiary new reverts. As in cooperation with the Emirates Red Crescent, ZHIC head office in Al Ain gave ‘Ramadan Packages’ to 25 families. Likewise, Emirates Foundation handed out the packages to other 25 limited income families. Moreover, al Naf’a Charitable and Humanitarian Foundation of Ajman provided ‘Ramadan Packages’ to 60 families of new reverts. On its part, Emirates Red Crescent brought happiness to 140 families as well. In fact, the initiative is launched every year to meet the needs of restrained families of new reverts regarding foodstuffs during Ramadan. In general, such initiatives come as part of realizing communal responsibility and institutional cooperation between ZHIC and donor entities of Ramadan Packages. In order to strengthen cooperation and support the march of humanitarian and social work in the UAE. 

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