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Monday 18 Mar 2019 Dr. Nedal al Tinaiji: Arabic Language is the Focal Point of our daily Life ZHIC emphasizes its incessant care for Arabic language
In conjunction with the World Arabic Day, Dr. Nedal al Tinaiji emphasized the significance of caring for Arabic language in the present time of our life. Since the founding of ZHIC in 2005, she said, ‘our care for Arabic has yielded courses in Arabic for speakers of other languages’. Moreover, she stated, ‘courses of Arabic to speakers of other languages aim to introduce people to the essence of Islamic culture and establish it in new reverts. Besides, learning Arabic is an opportunity for expats wishing to use it in everyday affairs. This year the courses (256 in number) attracted 2046 learners. In addition to workshops on Arabic calligraphy held by ZHIC to organize annual shows for outstanding paints penned by its students. 

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