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Wednesday 28 Aug 2019 Dr. Nedal Al Tenaiji: Emarati women is the best in presenting the message of tolerance The UAE government's leadership allots a great importance to women.
Dr. Nedal Al Tanaiji the general director of ZIHC said that the decision of her highness Shaikha Fatimah bint Mubarek to title this year's celebrations of the Emarati woman's day as: ((Woman the symbol of tolerance)) comes in accordance with the her deep understanding about the importance of tolerance and reflects fully her trust in the Emarati women. She further said: The UAE leadership granted the women a great deal of importance and opened for her paths of education in all themes of knowledge and appointed her on leading posts. Simultaneously the Emarati women had always proved her credibility whether in raising children or at work, beside presenting the UAE in international gatherings. Al Tanaiji also said: “we at ZHIC, under the directory of the community development; give a considerable importance to Emarati women whose percentage in terms of work power had reached 41.82% at ZHIC. Thus, women is the center of our care due to her contribution in benefiting our clients.    

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