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Thursday 02 May 2019 As Part of its Participation in Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, ZHIC Launches the 'Covenant for Million Tolerant' besides, Cultural Lectures and Introductory Publicaions ZHIC took part in Abu Dhabi International Book Fair with a number of events; notably launching of the 'Covenant for Million Tolerant'
Zayed House for Islamic Culture (ZHIC) concluded its participation in Abu Dhabi International Book Fair of the 29th edition. The stand ZHIC shared with other social entities of the emirate of Abu Dhabi witnessed a number of lectures, initiatives, and activities and displaying of publications and curricula produced by ZHIC. To show more care, ZHIC contributed with 59 titles this year in 18 languages. Along with a number of lectures in conjunction with the ‘Year of Tolerance’ to target various visitors. Part of the lectures came in titles such as ‘Tolerance as A culture and Life’, ‘Managing Multiculturalism through the Experience of ZHIC’, ‘Human Tolerance and States Coexistence’, UAE: A global Hub for Tolerance’- in Hindi – and ‘UAE: An Icon for Tolerance’. 

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