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Sunday 10 Mar 2019 7497 Clients' Transactions Done by ZHIC Last Year Number of transactions done for customers in 2018
Zayed House for Islamic Culture (ZHIC) revealed it did 7497 transactions through service systems available on its website and customer services front desks in Al Ain City and its respective branches in Abu Dhabi and Ajman. The transactions done to persons throughout the previous year hit 5689 in number. Of which 1698 took place in Al Ain head office, 2613 in Abu Dhabi, and 1378 in Ajman. While transactions reached via website were 1808 in total. 610 of these transactions took place in ZHIC Al Ain head office, 608 in Abu Dhabi branch, and 590 in Ajman branch. Consequently, the average ‘Customers Happiness’ on face to face services provided for clients at ZHIC customer service front desks reached 98.8 % last year. 

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