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Thursday 07 Mar 2019 1720 Enrolled Students of Arabic at Zayed House for Islamic Culture Number of learners of Arabic for speakers of other languages in 2018
The courses of Arabic to speakers of other languages held at Zayed House for Islamic Culture (ZHIC) attracted 2202 learners in 2018. Of the students enrolled, 1702 passed all the levels specified during the 273 courses provided. Notably 101 courses run in ZHIC head office in Al Ain, 106 courses in Abu Dhabi branch, and 66 courses in Ajman branch. In this regard, Dr. Nedal al Tinaiji, ZHIC General Director related that the courses of Arabic to speakers of other languages aimed to introduce and establish the essence of Islamic culture in new reverts enrolled in the said courses. The courses were also an opportunity for the expats willing to learn proper Arabic as a cultural communication tool in everyday affairs. In addition to their integrating role in the UAE community and knowing about its heritage that would reflect positively in work performance. Besides, disseminating the culture of tolerance between the various communities living in the UAE through wider horizons of communication with the biggest possible segment of Arabic speakers. Moreover, she added, ZHIC designed an educational program that ensured committing with the linguistic competence standards. In order to provide better services to new reverts   enrolled in the courses , non-Muslim persons interested in Arabic and official delegations visiting the UAE. As part of its strategic plan, ZHIC will also organize a forum for Arabic to speakers of other languages and launch a respective smart application for learning this year. Finally, Dr. al Tinaiji stated that the courses were executed in cooperation with reputable universities in compliance with a temporal program of 64 credit hours. Of which syllabi would focus on highlighting the UAE culture and heritage for the enrolled learners interested in Arabic language. 

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