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Monday 23 Dec 2019 1.3 Million Visitors to 'Covenant for Million Tolerant' Platform in 6 Months ZHIC Celebrates the Success of the 'Covenant for Million Tolerant'

Dr. Nedal al Tinaiji – Zayed House for Islamic Culture (ZHIC) General Director emphasized that the ‘Covenant for Million Tolerant’ initiative achieved significant results. As the number of participants exceeded one million tolerant out of the 200 different nationalities in the UAE and abroad. Among which 116 local entities, public and private universities and 256 public and private schools contributed. Along with 80 leading personalities, community dignitaries and 10 local and international arenas attracted a number of participants.

The figures above were detailed during al Tinaiji’s speech for the final ceremony of the Covenant organized yesterday at the Red Crescent premises in Abu Dhabi to honor the Covenant partners and work teams. The event was attended by Dr. Mohamed Ateeq al Falahi - ZHIC Chairman of the Board of Directors and more than 20 local, federal and private entities along with ZHIC members of the board of directors.

Persons from various continents took part in the Covenant; that is to say, 13 countries from Oceania, 48 from Asia, 48 from Europe, 53 from Africa, 11 from South America and 27 countries from North and Central America, which brought the participant nationalities to 200 in number.

The aim of the initiative was to bring the message of tolerance as taught by the late Zayed to all community segments and promote tolerance as a sublime moral value in the UAE community of various spectrum. Besides, highlighting the image of the UAE as a hub for tolerance, goodness and love magnetic enough to attract multiculturalism conducive to true tolerance between UAE locals and residents alike.

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