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Wednesday 06 Jun 2018 Embodying the Values of Zayed, ZHIC Distributes 'Ramadan Packages' to 250 New Reverts In conjunction with the 'Year of Zayed', ZHIC started distributing 'Ramadan Packages' to new reverts beneficiaries view more
Wednesday 06 Jun 2018 1700 New Reverts at ZHIC Ramadan Tent In the framework of the series of events 'On the Footsteps of Zayed', ZHIC brought to a close its 'Ramadan Tent' initiative view more
Tuesday 05 Jun 2018 Zayed A Symbol of Giving Values and Help for Others' Says Dr. al Sneidi' The name of Zayed assoicated with generosity, kindness and charity view more
Monday 04 Jun 2018 'Zayed Humanitarian Work Day' Brings Happiness to 376 New Reverts at ZHIC ZHIC organized a number of events and activities on 'Zayed Humanitarian Work Day' view more
Thursday 31 May 2018 ZHIC Sixth Ramadan Gathering Attracted 300 New Reverts ZHIC held its Ramadan sixth gathering attended by staff, new reverts and media personnel view more
Thursday 24 May 2018 'Aesthetics of the Islamic Art' at Zayed House for Islamic Culture ZHIC organized the 'Aesthetics of the Islamic Art' Exhibition view more
Wednesday 23 May 2018 ZHIC Ajman Branch Qur'an Competition Cultural and educational affairs section of Ajman branch admin organized Qur'an competition for new reverts view more
Wednesday 23 May 2018 New Reverts Form 'Zayed Footprint Team' In conjunction with the 'Year of Zayed' ZHIC Ajman branch admin launched 'Zayed Footprint Team' initiative view more
Monday 21 May 2018 ZHIC Takes Part in 'Safe Ramadan' Campaign ZHIC Participation in 'Safe Ramadan' Campaign for the Third Year view more
Sunday 20 May 2018 For the Fourth Season ZHIC Launches 'Ramadan Tent' ZHIC fourth 'Ramadan Tent' started view more