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Monday 06 Nov 2017 UAE 'Home for Tolerance' and A unique Example in Respect towards Others ZHIC holds Second Tolerance Forum at Paris - Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi view more
Thursday 26 Oct 2017 Organized by Zayed House for Islamic Culture The Second Tolerance Forum Launches on the coming ... ZHIC Holds Second Tolerance Forum at Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi on the coming 5th of Nov. view more
Sunday 08 Oct 2017 ZHIC Ajman Branch Runs A course of Arabic to Speakers of other Languages for Ajman Palace Hote ... Running a course of Arabic for Aman Palace Hotel staff view more
Thursday 05 Oct 2017 Teachers' Day at ZHIC Celebrating World Teachers' Day at ZHIC Al Ain Head Office and Abu Dhabi Branch view more
Tuesday 03 Oct 2017 Emirati Culture' A project launched by ZHIC to introduce new reverts to Emirati identity ZHIC cultural and educational unit started Emirati Culture program to introduce new reverts to the Emirati identity view more
Monday 25 Sep 2017 Emirates Dates Day Part of Emirates Culture 'Dates Day' acivity was meant to enrich new reverts' culture with the Emirati identity view more
Wednesday 20 Sep 2017 ZHIC Customer Service Centers Execute 6981 Transactions ZHIC customer service centers at Al Ain head office and respective branches in Abu Dhabi and Ajman executed 6914 transactions during the past eight months of the current ... view more
Wednesday 13 Sep 2017 As Part of 'Guests of the Mosques' Initiative, New Reverts Visit Amna Bint Ahmed al Ghurair Mos ... A number of new reverts visited Amna Bint Ahmed al Ghurair Mosque in the emirate of Ajman in the framework of the initiative 'Guests of the Mosques' view more
Wednesday 06 Sep 2017 ZHIC Hajj Delegation Comes Home ZHIC delegation including new reverts and staff returned from the Holy Lands after performing Hajj view more
Monday 04 Sep 2017 10 Training Programs Ran by ZHIC for New Reverts 10 training programs and qualifying courses executed by ZHIC for students enrolled in Al Ain head office and respective branches in Abu Dhabi and Ajman view more