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Tuesday 08 Oct 2019 'Emirates of Tolerance' An Informative Lecture in Urdu Organized by ZHIC Sawaid Holding Group Takes Part in the 'Covenant for Million Tolerant' view more
Wednesday 02 Oct 2019 'Third Tolerance Forum' Emphasizes the Significance of Social Institutions Role in Supporting D ... in its Third Edition,Tolerance Forum Highlights Social Cohesion view more
Thursday 19 Sep 2019 With Participation of 150 Nationalities, 600, 000 Persons Signed the ‘Covenant for Million Tole ... The number of signees on the ‘Covenant for Million Tolerant’ launched by Zayed House for Islamic Culture (ZHIC) last April hit 600,000 persons view more
Monday 16 Sep 2019 Ministry of Climate Change and Environment Takes part in 'Covenant for Million Tolerant' Covenant for Million Tolerant Signed by Minister of Climate Change and Environment view more
Wednesday 11 Sep 2019 'Communicate in Arabic' A recent Publication by ZHIC ZHIC launches a book entitled 'Communicate in Arabic' view more
Wednesday 28 Aug 2019 Dr. Nedal Al Tenaiji: Emarati women is the best in presenting the message of tolerance The UAE government's leadership allots a great importance to women. view more
Sunday 25 Aug 2019 ZHIC conducted 176 Arabic language courses for non Arabs. The program attracts 1279 students Number of Arabic courses for non Arabs during the first half of the year and the number of registered students view more
Monday 05 Aug 2019 Launched by ZHIC under the motto ((participate and become a tolerant)). 93 thousand participant ... The one million tolerant covenant campaign launched by ZHIC, met a great acceptance amongst the community in its first stage view more
Thursday 01 Aug 2019 Conclusion of summer program at Zayed House for Islamic Culture with participation of 30 studen ... Conclusion of the summer program for the children of the new Muslims, who are registered at ZHIC - Al Ain city. view more
Friday 19 Jul 2019 In Realization of Empowering Local Cadres, 100 Training Hours at ZHIC ZHIC takes great care of training Mohammed V students view more