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Saturday 30 Nov 2019 'Commemoration Day' Boosts UAE Community Cohesion', Dr. al Tinaaiji Says 'Commemoration Day' Boosts UAE Community Cohesion' view more
Saturday 30 Nov 2019 Students Second Annual Gathering 'Our Culture is Tolerance' at ZHIC graduation second annual gathering projects theme tolerance and its effect view more
Tuesday 12 Nov 2019 'Covenant for Million Tolerant' Hits One Million Participants One Million Participants in the 'Covenant for Million Tolerant view more
Sunday 10 Nov 2019 'Sharjah International Book Fair' An Annual Participation In The Framework of ZHIC Agenda ZHIC takes part in Sharjah Internatioanl Book Fair view more
Wednesday 06 Nov 2019 ZHIC Takes Part in Abu Dhabi Festival for Tolerance & Fraternity ZHIC prepares to participate with an assortment of activities and programs in Abu Dhabi Festival for Tolerance & Fraternity view more
Monday 04 Nov 2019 New Reverts Take part in 'Flag Day' Celebration at ZHIC ZHIC celebrates Flag Day view more
Sunday 03 Nov 2019 Flag Day Embodies Social Cohesion, Dr. Nedal al Tinaiji Says ZHIC: Flag Day Embodies Social Cohesion view more
Tuesday 29 Oct 2019 Happiness and Positivity for ZHIC Employees Happiness and Positivity workshop for ZHIC employees view more
Sunday 27 Oct 2019 RAK Courts Sign 'Covenant for Million Tolerant' RAK Courts Sign 'Covenant for Million Tolerant' view more
Thursday 24 Oct 2019 Seeking Cooperation with International Entities ZHIC's 150 publications - in 13 languages - in Frankfurt International Book Fair view more