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ZHIC Spreads Happiness and Posit ... New Item Mar 21 / 2017 ZHIC Celebrates International Ha ...
Dr. Nedal al Tinaij - UAE Founded ... New Item Mar 20 / 2017 ZHIC Celebrates International Ha ...
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Mar 16, 2017

Event Name: lecture Spirit of Giving Start Date:Mar 28, 2017 End Date:Mar 28, 2017 Description:An informative lecture coordinated with Sheikh al Akhdar. It will take place in Al Ain City; depicting the spirit of giving. As part of the series of ... Location:alain
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Acclaims of Intellectuals on Tolerance in Islam Part of the significant features in Islam are forgiving, tolerance and peaceful coexistence.
Coexistence Coexistence is indispensable to humans to cooperate for the sake of themselves and their countries
Udhiyah Rules Udhiyah is an established prophetic tradition
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World Arabic Language Day