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Title:You Are The Community Category:General Source:Dr. Maitha Al-Abdouli,2018   Description:Family as well, is part of society
Humans by nature are social beings. No one can live without others, as everyone needs a society to guard and fit in. Where all have needs, rights, and duties commonly shared by all members of community of different levels . Family as well, is part of society. No doubt, the cultural building begins with it for better future status. Notably, as it is within the family that values and principles nurture out of responsibility and belonging, which are the two main pillars of any successful community . Therefore, it is important that an individual take the initiative to reform and develop starting with physical wellbeing and knowledge. God says ‘God will raise up, by many degrees, those of you who believe and those who have been given knowledge’ . Education is for all, a means towards intellectuality achieved through skills, cognizance, commitment and hard work for better social scale . In this regard, responsibility is placed upon the parents to instill morals enabling their progeny to positively interact with the surrounding society. Including love, humbleness, tolerance, contentment, justice, equality and honesty…etc. that Islam calls for to create social coexistence and harmony . As the relation between the individual and the society is integrative, one must endeavor to play the right role for the development of society, out of obligation assumed . Moreover, it is incumbent upon individuals to collaborate in terms of religious, social and moral responsibilities. The religious responsibility for instance, requires keeping the commandments, while the social one relates to abiding by a state laws and social traditions .   As for the social responsibility, one should be able to bear the consequences of behavior and deeds. It is a conscious duty relative to the most religious essentialities that promote human morals for better coexistence with others . Especially as responsibility is a social requisite necessary for collective success. That would help building a solid community aspiring for the future, with everyone contributing to reaching an excellent development .