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Title:Why the Year of Zayed? Category:General Source:Dr. Fatima al Ali,Dr. Fatima al Ali   Description:From the beginning, Zayed had made the UAE a hub for goodness and giving
For the last three years, the UAE has been proactive enough as usual, to launch the initiative of giving a title to each year. Thus, 2018 has come under the title ‘Year of Zayed’ to drive public and private institutions to work within numerous further initiatives to celebrate the late Zayed legacy and values in commemoration of 100 years of his birth . As Zayed was the catalyst of the unique originality and modernity of the UAE. He was behind the cherished humanitarian achievements, the ingenious of planning and success and the symbol of patriotism and selflessness to his nation. Moreover, he was the maker of all the history that has transformed the UAE today to a top international destination inspiring generations through reputable prosperity, regional and global development . From the beginning, Zayed had made the UAE a hub for goodness and giving on local, regional and international levels. The country has attracted all brotherly and friendly nations while extending the hand of giving to the needy all over the world regardless of religion, ethnicity or color . Furthermore, Zayed building of developmental projects in a number of countries made him an international symbol for human tolerance, giving, and a mentor for moral principles and human values. That have continued establishing for the generations, to raise the UAE as the world leading country nowadays in terms of humanitarian aid . In fact, the sons of Zayed have never ceased to work with confidence for excellence and global leadership. According to numerous global competitiveness reports, the UAE has attained the foremost position both regionally and internationally. For instance, it is on top with regard to crime combatting, public confidence, roads quality and government spending. Besides being in the third rank regarding tolerance index and the first Arab happy nation acing in smart education, human resources development, travel and tourism, and passport power rank. Moreover, it is the second in world innovation and economic satisfaction. Added to its fourth rank regarding comfort, blissed by the most diverse economies in the region . Thus, Zayed legacy will ever remain a notable world historical record depicting once a modern leader with an exceptional personality that won the respect of all, on regional and international levels for his unique wisdom, leadership and achievements . For that reason, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed stated, “When people pride themselves on achievements, we pride ourselves that we are the sons of Zayed”. Thus, we should always endeavor to realize the vision of Father Zayed with regard to more loyalty, leadership and giving .