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Title:Time Investment Category:General Source:Dr. Maitha Al-Abdouli,2019   Description:time is an opportunity everybody should seize
The Almighty God has bestowed on man the bliss of life and set him apart from His other creatures with mind through which ambitions and success come true.
As life engulfs all people, they interact with each other to coexist through inspirational humanitarian values conducive to noble ends.
Therefore, time is an opportunity everybody should seize for optimal investment to bring benefit for oneself and society, instead of wasting it in useless acts, conflicts or negative affairs.
One must be proactive enough to develop oneself in terms of mind and body. God says ‘GOD raises those among you who believe, and those who acquire knowledge to higher ranks’. Al Mujaadala: 11.
For every individual, education is an intellectual plus, contributing to further skills and knowledge acquired through hard work necessary for better community to coexist with others in harmony, tolerance and peace.

However, despite the vicissitudes of life, including being rich, poor, in good or bad health, a Muslim should be content with what God has decreed. The Prophet (PBHU) refers to the believer who will earn goodness both ways: ‘grateful at time of prosperity and enduring at time of adversity’.
In connection to the preceding hadith, it is detectable that true happiness remains in what God ordains for us. With which we should be at ease whatever the matter is, and proceed for further development to realize aspirations.