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Title:The Journey of Life Category:General Source:Dr. Mohammed Chemat,2018   Description:stages of physical and intellectual maturity
The discourse about the journey of human life is essentially exploring the achievements one can reach during life in the mundane world. After which one is held accountable for the age spent following creation from nothing ‘…when he was nothing ’.  Significantly, the value system of Islam and messages brought by other prophets and messengers (peace be upon them) should apply to all human lifestyles. As the commandments are the standard, upon which norms of actions and words are measured. Thus, would be the objective of human fate, code of conduct, and real happiness whether on individual, family or societal level .  Hence, aspiration, acquaintance, coopeation, spreading of peace, caring for neighbors, love, and preservation of environment, are all values that form life of people and guide them towards goodness, responsibility and kindness . Based on the values of happiness and God’s betowments upon humans throughout the journey of life that builds physical and intellectual maturity, one is blessed with the will and ability to act, read and understand all that exists. In order to bring together contemplation of the universe and reading the book of God (Qur’an) utilizing mind and conscience as sources to obtain knowledge. So tha such an intellectual species can assume responsibility as a viceroy on earth as meant in the words of God: ‘…I will create a vicegerent on earth …’ The self-evident signs directed towards ‘… those of understanding’  urge honored human as God says: ‘We honored the sons of Adam…’  to employ thinking in the process of life and reflect on what resources God has granted . Similarly, those signs highlight the effect of the bliss of mind on human life, which out of nothing, rendered with benefits and right guidance complying with the truth and objective of the divine wisdom in the universe . Thereupon, one cannot but thank the Creator for the countless favors given and show appreciation accordingly. God says, ‘If you would count up the favors of God, never would you be able to number them …’ With regard to the values and honors mentioned concerning humankind in general, any sound innate instinct would call for investing the process of life. In order to sustainably benefit fellow creatures to attain sought happiness, security and stability .