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Title:The Companions who were Given the Glad Tidings of Paradise Category:Seera Source:Dr. Fatima al Ali,2018   Description:Glad tidings included female companions
The Prophet (Peace be upon him) accompanied men who believed in him and sacrifice their selves, sons, and wealth for him. They were truly the best and most cognizant of the nation. To such a pitch, that God himself praised them and the Messenger pleased with them and chose some to give glad tidings of Paradise . Of the many companions given glad tidings of Paradise, ten were mentioned in one hadith; as they came to fame in this regard . Abdurrahman ibn Awf narrated that the Messenger of God (PBUH) said: ‘Ten are in Paradise: Abu Bakr is in Paradise, Umar is in Paradise, Othman is in Paradise, Ali is in Paradise, al Zobair is in Paradise, Talha is in Paradise, Ibn Awf is in Paradise, Sa’d is in Paradise, Saed bin Zaid is in Paradise, and Abu Obeida bin al Jarah is in Paradise ’.  The companions mentioned were uniquely virtuous. They traced their lineage to the same that of the Prophet (PBUH). Moreover, they not only believed and supported him, but also sacrificed their lives, wealth and children for the love of God, His Messenger and support of religion. That is why they are role models in terms of manners and noble values practically translated during their lives and standpoints in Islam . The tiding, likewise, included female companions who competed with men to rise to fame with the Messenger (PBUH). Of these are Summaya bint al Khayat, Khadija bint Khuwaylid – the best of women of Paradise, Fatima bint Mohammed (PBUH) – the chief of the ladies in Paradise, Asma bint Abu Bakr al Siddiq and others who set a good example of women in Islam . In conclusion, entering Paradise is the crave of every Muslim armed with faith. However, faith alone is not enough if not supported by good deeds and practicalities leading to Paradise .