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Title:Smart Reading Category:General Source:M. Elhafiz (TRA Supervisor) , 2017   Description:Read! In the name of your Lord Who created
In general, reading is so significant that God the Almighty ordains “Read! In the name of your Lord Who created”. Moreover, reading is not only one of life essentials today just as food and drink, but also even fundamental in the future abode as per God’s Qur’an “Read your record. Today your own soul is enough to calculate your account ”. Smart reading is a skill a reader develops by exploiting effective approaches such as general understanding, focus, skillful speed and comprehension. Especially as we experience influx of information unprecedented in human history. Which makes it incumbent upon us to keep pace with such momentum to gain as much information and skills as possible, through the right approaches for speed-reading. Notably, scanning the material generally beginning with title, index and chapters.  Besides, skimming for certain information or words as one would in dictionaries and a study approach or scrutiny for better comprehension of meanings and implications.  In addition to speed-reading to accelerate rapidity and comprehension. Especially through visualization and imaging of what is read to retain in long memory. In fact, the brain allocates half of its valuable resources for sight for better remembrance, more than it does for texts. Thus, retrieval of information is remarkably, better with regard to picture than it is concerning mere text and verbal expression . Normally, the common speed reading ranges between 200-300 words per minute. Any lesser speed is slow according to relevant studies asserting that comprehension is synchronous with speed of reading (even in cases of multiplying the said speed ranges ). Particularly if the focus is not on mere words, but on broader conceptual meaning of the text as a whole. Which is done through eye movement over words as reading silently (through sight) while taking in words with a wider spectrum of two to five instead of one word at a time. Bearing in mind that advanced readers take in as much as a full line at a time, while they still live the author’s ideas over which they speed up and slow down as necessary. factually Empirically, the reader may remember only 10% of the information verbally provided after 72 hours, whereas he/she can recall 65% of the same information following the lapse of the equal time if he/she exploits visualization of words.  That is why Albert Einstein says, “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. What is more, one focuses better on colors, directions and volumes, if the body imagined is moving . Furthermore, by virtue of reiteration, thinking and talking about the topic immediately after reading, enhances memory and lessens the gap of information loss. Added to regular reading for better retrieval of information . However, it would be sensible to select what to read with the aim that is not necessarily should cover the whole content of the book. Because people read for different purposes as for enjoyment, acculturation, having a general idea about a book, for revision, information seeking, or for reviewing. For better results out of reading as well, one must select appropriate time, venue, comfortable seating and the way of reading with regard to type of material .