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Title:Mercy in Islam Category:General Source:Abdulbasith muhammad Ibrahim,2018   Description:Blessed are those who have mercy, for they have the absolute goodness
Though structurally simple, mercy is still weighty in meaning.  Its significance hits such a pitch that God not only adopts it as one of His attributes, but also urges humanity to compete therefor. Blessed are those who have mercy, for they have the absolute goodness ! No doubt, the greatest apects of mercy is God’s care for people. God prescribed mercy for Himself, as angles besought His mercy afore His knwoledge. “Our Lord! You have embraced all things in Your mercy and Your knowledge ”. Contemplatively, the effect of mercy is clear over the entire universe. For example, the alternation of day and night, provision of livelihood, rain falling, and sending of messengers with books, are all manifestations of God’s mercy . Part of God’s greatness is the compassion instinctive in creatures, as that of mother toward child, animals toward their young, adults toward kids and the strong toward the weak. The signs of God’s mercy make it incumbent upon a believer to deepen his/her trust in God by considering these signs. God says, “Look, therefore, at the prints of God’s mercy ”. The Prophet of God (PBUH) was a good example in this regard; as mercy was unpretentiously part of his nature. He used to bond all with rapport, help and inspiration for sympathy. He says, “God bestows mercy on His kind servants”. The Prophet’s mercy extended not only to humans, but also to other objects such as trees and stones. He used to reduce prayer time in consideration of old worshippers, give to widows and orphans, and warn against cruelty to animals and servants. Moreover, he used to stay late at night invoking God to bestow mercy on his followers; saying “O God! My followers, my followers ”. Sayyeda Aesha related that once a poor woman came with her two daughters, asking for food. When Sayyeda gave her three pieces of dates, she handed each girl one. Yet no sooner had she wanted to eat the third, than she realized that the girls still needed more. Therefore, she divided the remaining piece between them. The Prophet (PBUH) was so touched, he said, “God has consigned her to heaven for that ”. Furthermore, when the Prophet conquered Mecca, he sent someone to call people not to panic, by chanting, “Today is the day of mercy”. No doubt, mercy is the motto of the Prophet’s law and an integral part of his character (PBUH). God syas, “We sent you not, but as a Mercy for all creatures ”. In fact, it takes a kind heart to have mercy on others through practical means. Thus, whoever wants to adopt the virtue of mercy, must help others; beginning with closer relatives. Especially parents, who brought us to the world, spouse in good times and in bad and children, as they are the successors.  Compassion should be extened to all creatures, as in the hadith: “You cannot be true believers unless you have mercy on one another. They said O Messenger of God! We all are merciful. He said it is not by showing mercy to a friend, but by showing mercy to everyone ”. Thus, kindness is synanimous to true faith, as it is the expression of genuine feeling felt by even the blind and deaf. Furthermore, whether shown by old or young, mercy is pleasing to both rich and poor. Alas, if only all people were merciful to one another, misery would disappear as bright morning replaces dark night .