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Title:Love is Aisha Category:Seera Source:Dr. Maitha Al-Abdouli,2019   Description:The Prophet (PBUH) portrayed a unique love story with his wife Aisha
The biography of the Prophet (PBUH) is full of humane aspects of daily life, especially in dealing with his wives. It has given us clear examples of his appreciation and love for his wives. Of whom Aisha was the one he loved most as he stated in front of his companions; to let people of all ages know, and teach us not to be ashamed to show love for the wife.
The Prophet (PBUH) portrayed a unique love story with his wife Aisha to demonstrate to us how the husband should treat his wife and show her love by taking care of her psyche to feel safe, comfortable and reassured. As he (PBUH) was always by Aisha’s side, the first to console her, relieve her, contain her anger, understand her jealousy, and share her joys and sorrows.
Admittedly, texts of hadiths have conveyed wonderful examples about this historical love of the Prophet (PBUH) with his wife Aisha, may Allah be pleased with her, "The preference of `Aisha to other ladies is like the betterness of Tharid (i.e. meat and bread dish) to other meals."
Aisha used to race with the Prophet whom she beat once only to retaliate the beating later as he smiled at her saying "this for that”. She also related that, if she sipped from a cup, the Prophet would place his lips on the very spot that she sipped.
Thus, we take the Prophet as a good example of respecting the wife and showering her with love, compassion and leniency.