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Title:Kindness is a Cilvlizational Marker Category:General Source:Dr. Mohammed Chemat,2018   Description:But pardon them, and overlook. God loves the doers of good
Kindness is a civilizational marker for its important role in adjusting human relations of highest form, and ensuring coexistence in a diverse, stable, secure and harmonious society. It is a moral and a social concept that prophets and messengers have called for . Kindness refers to flexibility, ease and consideration, as well as tolerance. Kindness indicates being considerate to others in various situations by being gentle and easy . Islam urges kindness for its humane and civilizational values; it uplifts the human soul to the highest moral standards by respecting the culture, thoughts, beliefs, and values of others. Besides, spreading goodness and seeking excuses for others, for a better coexistent society . Through its basic sources, Islam established the value of kindness as an ethical and behavioral system. “But pardon them, and overlook. God loves the doers of good.” This verse in Quran Shows good manners, forgiveness and overlooking mistakes . Regarding the topic of forgiveness, the following verses encourage clemency and calls for a pure heart which is one of the most noble virtues humanity has known, “so forgive with gracious forgiveness”, “pardon them and say peace”, “and let them pardon. And let them overlook ”. One of the greatest images of kindness in Islam is the call to believe in all prophets and messengers -peace be upon them-without favoring one over another. Because they all came to spread the same message, “They all have believed in God, and His angels, and His scriptures, and His messengers: "We make no distinction between any of His messengers ." Honorable prophet tradition (sunnah) shows how the Prophet -peace and blessings of Allah be upon him- was tolerant of his social environment, family, neighbors, companions, all Muslims and even followers of other faiths. Such as the way He received the Christian delegation of Najran and how he allowed them to perform their prayers at his mosque, or the way he received the Christian delegation of Abyssinia and the way he listened to them, treated them with respect and gave them their full rights . This though shows one of the most important examples of kindness, the prophet -peace be upon him- used dialogue and common interest while dealing with non-believers, considering their rights and equity . Islam is a religion of kindness and ease in its faith, its dealings, and its manners. On this basis, kindness allows coexistence among individuals and the rapprochement of societies towards a world of peace, human dignity, exchange of knowledge and benefits that serve goodness to everyone

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