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Title:How to Manage Your Time? Category:General Source:Dr. Mohammed Chemat,2019   Description:managing time is managing life
As time is too invaluable to waste, one should manage it before it is too late. Time management is one of the hottest topics nowadays, for the role time plays in personal and occupational life. Thus, one should not only effectively invest time as a capital essential for skills and life achievement, but also by balancing physical, spiritual and intellectual needs . Therefore, time is of paramount significance in Islam; mentioned in the Qur’an in various contexts synonymic to time  (period) : ‘By the night when it covers up; and the day when it shines forth’ .  The majority of Islamic worships are associated with specific period such as prayer, fasting and Hajj . Besides, managing time is managing life as a whole; requires skills, planning, organizing, priority, orientation, follow up and evaluation . As multiple tasks are common these days, it is necessary to manage time in conjunction with priorities and needs to evade challenges. Thus, the ideal way to organize time is to identify goals and set plans to achieve them at specific time similarly needed for job, family, education and personal affairs. The significance of time management is to reduce wasting it by engaging in useful works while finding some time for family and happiness. Because time is too precious to squander in trivialities, one should only invest it in smart goals beneficial to individual and society alike .