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Title:Emirati Community in Ramadan Category:General Source:Dr. al Ali,2017   Description:The UAE leadership is keen to enrich Ramadan atmosphere with intellectual platforms
The holy month of Ramadan is full of goodness to Muslims, as it affects every aspect of their spiritual, social and economic life. Chiefly the life of the Emirati community, which becomes even more peculiar during the month . The UAE leadership is keen to enrich Ramadan atmosphere with intellectual platforms contributing to the development of the society. Especially as the President of the UAE – may God save him – hosts a number of scholars and reciters arriving to the country from different parts of the world, to deliver miscellaneous lectures at UAE mosques.  Where they act as Imams during Tarawih and night prayers . The UAE long history in entertaining such guests harkens back to its founder – the late Sheikh Zayed – may God save him . Similarly, UAE rulers receive people who come to congratulate on the month. Guests interesting suggestions for development meet positive response, in a manner manifests cohesion and rapport from top to bottom. Besides, gatherings the rulers –may God save them – hold, such as Mohammed bin Zayed Court, which in itself an icon for culture and intellectuality for which influential international personalities are periodically invited . Among the audience at the court, are also Sheikhs, ministers, ambassadors and public of different faiths, cultures and countries to discuss scientific, social and economic issues. Besides other topics of interest, development and understanding conducive to tolerance and coexistence between people . Various institutions in the UAE follow suit with interesting initiatives and projects during Ramadan. For instance, the Ministry of interior organizes more Ramadan assemblies run by dignitary locals and residents to host intellectuals from the part of the Ministry. Such congregations, which are also beacons of knowledge, attract relatives, acquaintance and public .  Moreover, humanitarian and charitable foundations such as Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Foundation and Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed Foundation, organize communal Iftar throughout Ramadan all over the UAE.  Various segments of society and religious denominations attend the activities, enjoy the spiritual atmosphere of the venue, and taste Ramadan food deliciously rampant at the feast . Such is Ramadan, with all the active events, family pageants and international contests followed by Muslims of the world. Mostly, Dubai International Holy Quran Award; at which an influential Muslim personality receives honoring .  As regards Emirati household, local families care to breakfast at the house of the eldest member whereat young, old and relative congregate around main dishes, sweets and confectionaries such as Thareed, Harees, and Legeimat, etc. Likewise, neighbors of various nationalities and ethnicities exchange sending some of the food prepared . Hence, family and friend visit exchange is part of Ramadan atmosphere for deeper bond and community coherence . In conclusion, UAE Ramadan atmosphere is full of amiability, tolerance and family bond. Especially as cultural sessions and various carnivals become more active. Which would demonstrate a great message to the world to view the UAE experience at large, benefit from, as to visit and live Ramadan atmosphere in practice .