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Title:Emirates of Tolerance Category:General Source:Abdulbasith muhammad Ibrahim,2019   Description:tolerance of all types is an original practice in the culture of UAE people.
The affluence and quality of life (thank God) witnessed in the UAE today, is due to its firm belief – leadership and people alike – in the centrality of human tolerance and coexistence to realize the current cultural revival. As for such a long time in the UAE, tolerance has been one of the most salient humanitarian values established and regularly highlighted. Notably as the UAE today shoulders the most tolerant nations with regard to religion, culture and social practice, according to authentic reports supported by historians, explorers and visitors to the UAE. The English explorer Wilfred Thesiger in his narrative on the Arab customs and the once called the Trucial Coast related that the best of Arab characteristics stem from the desert. As their firm religious belief, sense of loyalty to their sect, their self-pride, generosity, hospitality, kindness, and care for the dignity of others out of fraternity . No wonder, tolerance of all types is an original practice in the culture of UAE people, generated from the humane legacy deeply rooted in dignity of man of whatever culture or ethnicity. The Moroccan explorer Ibn Battuta further accentuated this after visiting most of UAE conurbations as he passed through Dhafar, Debba, and Khorfakan before reaching Bahrain. He described the people of the region as hardworking, hospitable, and tolerant with merchants and travelers . As regards the Bedouin, Ibn Battuta he ascribed to them courage, gallantry, generosity and other noble characteristics attributable to the UAE people. Furthermore, the signs of tolerance originality in the UAE are evidential in temples and historical churches such as Saint Joseph Cathedral in Abu Dhabi, which is the oldest in the region . It is important to pinpoint to what most Gulf Region researchers on heritage and history have stated with regard to multiculturalism and acceptance of others as an original behavioral and communal characteristic to the dwellers of the region . To sustain tolerance in the society, the UAE government has initiated a national tolerance program based on seven focal principles : 1.         Islam. 2. UAE Constitution. 3. Legacy of Zayed and UAE Morals. 4. International Conventions. 5. Archeology and History. 6. Human Instinct. 7. Common Values . The UAE endeavors came to climax in 2019 by declaring the time as ‘Year of Tolerance’ for the UAE to become an incubator of projects, innovation and initiatives promoting tolerance and coexistence for all community  components. Notably as the UAE experience in this regard is significant enough to be considered.  The great challenge today however, is to preserve the level of tolerance reached and to disseminate it to others for global benefit and happiness .