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Title:Anger Management Category:General Source:Abdulbasith muhammad Ibrahim,2019   Description:who restrain their anger and pardon people
Being an innate constituent, one may not be entirely able to dissociate from anger; but one can at least control it with some training. As fits of rage end with regret, one must learn to contain them before unleashing . Part of the advantageous blisses bestowed on humans by the Almighty is that the components to tackle anger are potentially self-determined; the execution and commitment to which is part of test in life. As to manage and control anger is to be close to the Lord. God says ‘… who restrain their anger and pardon people – God loves those who do good …’  Thus, it is wise to know that the burst of anger is temporary; one just needs some composure to evade its evils through time . Bravery is not measured by courage only, but also by willpower. It is said in the hadith ‘The strong is not the one who beats others down in wrestling, the strong is the one who controls himself during anger ’.  The antidote to anger is forbearance and control gained through practice. It is said, ‘Learning is by doing and forbearance is by assuming’.  Silence in this regard, is the best choice to manage anger instead of irrational destructive rage. Rightly, Islam calls for silence at the time of anger, as in the hadith ‘When one is enraged, let him/her be silent ’.  In fact, anger is more to self-punishment and irrationality rather than retribution. That is why the Prophet (PBUH) commended seeking refuge in God from the accursed Satan when rage attacks. It happened that two men were exchanging curse words. The Prophet (PBUH) said, ‘I know of an incantatory expression if one says, anger will go away. It is ‘I seek refuge in God from Satan the accursed ’.   Unlike forbearance, anger leads to irrationality fortunately avoidable by control and management .