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Title:Abu Dhabi: Past and Present Category:General Source:Dr. Maitha Al-Abdouli,2018   Description:Throughout the ages, humanity have sought inspiration from the past to foresee the building of future
Throughout the ages, humanity have sought inspiration from the past to foresee the building of future. As historical principles experienced by individuals are the base, from which human communities move for development . In this connection, the emirate of Abu Dhabi prides itself with an ancient history full of human experience contributed to its comprehensive rebirth. For in the 1960s, Abu Dhabi was mere a peninsula on the coast of Arab Gulf, with a population no more than 15000 then. Most of them hailed from areas of desert tribes, who used to live in hair tents and make a living by breeding sheep, camels or date palm farming. While those who lived by the coast, usually went for fishing and pearl diving . Of these tribes was Al Nahyan, under the chieftainship of the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan whose rule started in 1966. He brought about great reforms witnessed in many lifestyles, especially after oil production. When a new phase started with the heroic Zayed who turned the sheer desert to green farms and plantations. He sagely stated, ‘Desert has taught us to wait for long, before something good comes out ’. The late Sheikh Zayed instinctively knew the people’s need for a unified sovereign stable entity instead of tribalism. That is to say, an actual state present in regional and international arenas and able to provide decent life for its citizens and meet their aspirations. Thus, the late leader Zayed sincere efforts came up with the union of the seven emirates announced in 1971, with Abu Dhabi as its capital . As such, Sheikh Zayed saw that education would herald development and future progress. Thence, he started with the building of man to bring Abu Dhabi to such a leap competitive to many developed world metropolises . Bustling with social, commercial, constructional and industrial activities just as any world major rich cities attracting many people to live in for better life and security unrivaled in the Middle East . In fact, the openness policy established by the wise leadership in Abu Dhabi, while preserving its original identity, has created strong and balanced international relations in various levels qualifying it to be an international hub par excellence .